Igor's process

In Roman times Tempera was mostly used in paintings. Around the 15th century this slowly progressed into more use of oil paints. A huge leap forward for the arts.

But nowadays Igor doesn’t see himself using this as his only resource to make art.

Printers, multimedia, pictures, lasers and scanners are the tools he prefers to shape his work. And yet, he still keeps in touch with traditional methods.

Once he is done with his colouring, he submerges the plate into a bath of black paint to help soak off the previous layers.

Then using a special technique to remove those layers from the piece. The end result is always surprising, uncontrollable and unpredictable. Making the pieces stunning and one of a kind.

A unique technique specifically created to suit his own style.

His pieces are collages that mix pictures, copies, drawings, markers and spray-paint to create a fascinating whole. This is then impressed on a specially designed light sensitive Kodak Sonora X Plate.

While Igor is immensely versatile in his use of themes, he does have a few he goes back to again and again: women, the beautiful power of the sea and esthetics. Images that have an undeniable attraction and beg for new ways to be pictured.

After making the impression, Igor manipulates the plate with acrylic paint and ink. 

The colouring is mostly done in mono-chrome but Igor doesn’t shy away from the occasional use of fluorescing colours or golden touches. Colours you can also find in the skatescene of the eighties and nineties. A period where screen printing was used a lot and paint could be felt on the works.

“I love it,” says Igor.